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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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in the news this saturday morning november 5th. new charges of police brutality alleged by an occupy oakland protester and it involves a war threat tran. today is bank transfer day, designed to punish banks for debit card fees. >> a frost advisory until 9:00 for the bay area. it's 33 in santa rosa. >> good morning, a second iraq war veteran is alleging brutality against oakland police allegedly occurring thursday morning as police crashed with occupy oakland protesters at 16th street and telegraph
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avenue. >> i'm upset this happened to somebody i'm close to and i want people to know. >> richard collins is a close friend of kayvan sabeghi who says he was beaten by oakland police officers while arrested during the sweep at the ogawa plaza. >> i'm so mad. >> she says her brother, a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan was supporting the occupy movement that night but wasn't one of the troublemakers and didn't deserve the beating. once in jail she says her brother was denied medical treatment. >> if someone is on the floor unable to walk, vomiting blood, there can be little doubt there's something wrong. he has a ruptured spleen. they had no idea what was wrong. >> the alameda county sheriff's department says they're investigating the claim from kayvan sabeghi that he requested and did not receive medical attention.
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sabeghi continues to recover but doesn't feel like talking. >> he felt that we shouldn't talk about it. he doesn't want a fuss. >> only a few in his inner circle are speaking. sabeghi is co-owner of elevation 66. i spoke with one of his colleagues. all he wants is his friend to get better. >> he's listed in fair condition. all oakland police will say is they're investigating and ask anyone with information to call. >> the story has prompted a discussion on facebook. the police don't know/care which protesters are vet reasons. all they see are annoying protesters. jesse wrote, it's funny to go over there and fight for our country and 0 come back and get injured fighting for our people.
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as oakland leaders add up damage from the occupy vandalism, protest organizers are planning the next move. chase bank and wells fargo had windows smashed. the focus will return to wells fargo for investing in immigrant detention centers and supporting the immigration law. protesters want undocumented workers to join the movement calling them the most marginalized group. oakland business owners say they're fending for themself without help from the mayor. >> she's nod respond today my first letter, she has not responded to my second letter. we had a meeting and all she could do was talk. >> money was wasted tuesday when they cleared the park and engaged in unnecessary actions. >> the city spent just over a million dollars when police
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forced demonstrators out so the city crews could clean the plaza. only a third of the 103 people arrested yesterday during the general strike protest were from oakland. 32 from oakland. 42 from other bay area cities, 15 from other parts of the california and 9 from out of state. as for people taken into custody for failure to disperse and other charges, they came from as far as texas, michigan, new york, utah, new jersey and oregon. >> today marks a year since the sentencing of mess lee. released in june after time served after his involuntary manslaughter conviction by a los angeles juriy. oscar grant's family and friends will be at frank ogawa plaza calling for a end to what they describe as a policy of police
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containment of the african and latino communities. credit unions will be open for bank transfer day. the movement is designed to punish banks for proposed debit card fees. bank of america choked chase and wells fargo and backed off the plans. the campaign should not be confused with the occupy wall street movement or anger over the mortgage mess. >> i don't condone the actions of a handful of the organizers who are chewin choosing to engan disruptive actions instead of once that promote growth locally. >> the credit union national association says 650,000 people switched to credit unions last month. that's more than all of last year. 11 students from redwood
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city woodside high school are recovering from skin and respiratory problems after diesel fuel spilled on a school bus. 38 students and chaperones from on highway 680 coming back from a field trip when fuel flooded bus. the driver pulled over and called police. >> the driver recognized there was a fuel spill inside the bus. the driver took the exit and pulled off here on to contra costa boulevard and approximately 11 of the 35 kids were sent to local hospitals for treatment for the fumes. >> some of the students complained of burns on their feet and others of breathing problems. 11 were taken to the hospital, the rest treated at the scenes. 5 gallons of diesel spilled on the roadway. >> pg and e detected a leak in
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the same transmission line as the san bruno disaster. crews are trying to pinpoint the location. it focus is on four miles on the south side of sanford university. crews were conducting a safety test when they discovered the leak. repairs are under way. coming up, gabby giffords says she'll return to congress. no details about her recovery. a close encounter of the harmless kind as a aircraft/@/@
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writer and producer. he'll be best remembered for the humorous essays each week on "60 minutes" covering everything from the content of his desk drawer to whether god exists closing the show every week until his final appearance. g.o.p. presidential hopefully herman cain was before crowds yesterday trying to bring normalcy to his campaign. >> i've been in washington all week and i've attracted a little bit of attention. [ laughter ] >> cain has been dogged all week by allegations of sexual harassment by three former employees. one released a statement through her lawyer but details were lacking. >> mr. cain knows the specific incidents that were alleged. my client filed a written complaint in 1999 against him specifically and it had very
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specific incidents in it. >> aside from the statement, the woman declined to revisit the incident further. two other women made similar allegations. cain maintains he never sexually harassed anyone. cain is taking his campaign to jimmy kimmel live on monday, airing on abc7 at midnight. >> gabrielle giffords vows to return to congress in a new book entitled gabby. it reveals her struggle to learn to walk and talk. she writes i will get stronger, i will return. she stunned colleagues when she appeared on the house floor in august. eight months earlier she was shot in the head and she's receiving treatment at a rehab center in houston. a huge as steroid the size of an aircraft carrier will pass close to earth but scientists
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are 100% certain it won't hit. the fly by will be the closest encounter in 35 years and give astronomers a great view. it's a c type as steroid with carbon minerals that could be used in future space exploration. northbound highway 1 in golden gate park in san francisco will be closed a couple hours for construction work. it's detoured is he southern edge of the park to replace a bridge. the ramp that leads to northbound 101 is closed, part of the project to replace the approach. it will take another four years to complete. the highway 1 closure is planned until 9:00 a.m. lisa is here. a nice day for construction workers? >> yeah, pretty much. although definitely a cool start with frost and we have rain that will sweep through much of the
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bay area. the golden gate bridge, late this afternoon from our camera, we've got 30s in the north bay, 49 in san francisco, 43 san jose. a detailed look at when the rain arrives coming up. >> the eyes of college football will be on lsu verses number two alabama. larry tells us what fourth raked stamford has at stake.
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stanford university is bringing economic growth to developing countries around the world. now they can do for thanks to a 150 in million dollars gift to expanded work thousands of miles from home. >> for the past eight years, jim and his staff have taught a course called entrepreneurial design for extreme affordability. >> we have done 70 projects with 18 partners in 11 countries. >> projects like solar powered portable lights and incubators that saved beaks in developing
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countries, created by students at stanford's school of business. one is peter frickman. he came up with a way to help in rural areas where water supply is limited. >> grow more food, increase income and appropriate, affordable irrigation. >> he took that idea and started a company called drip tech wayed in mountain view serving 1,000 small farmers in india and china. unlike most irrigation systems this one doesn't require filters or electricity. only a bucket and a way to manually control the water. >> we made it affordable, simple to install. it runs on low pressure and we manufacture it locally. >> it costs $150 per half acre. most have less than 5 acres.
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most projects like these are expected to be developed at the graduate school of business in the upcoming years. thanks to a $150 million donation from venture capitalists bob king and his wife, dotty. it will help launch the stanford constitute in developing economies. >> we pride ourselves on our scrounging abilities but this makes it possible to take it to a whole new level. >> with the money, patel and his staff will be able to find entrepreneurs in those countries and help them further develop and expand their own projects. in the >> a small chip helped reunite a san francisco crab fisherman and his first mate. four months ago this cat disappeared from the boat and a volunteer found putty when rounding up cats to be spayed
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and neutered. she checked out the cat and discovered the microchip. kevin was delighted to hear she was alive and well. >> sierra ski resorts are now cold enough to make snow. the dusting of natural snow added to the snow making operations at 6,000 feet. interstate 80 and highway 50 to lake tahoe are open without restrictions but this weekend, watch out for icy conditions. lisa was talking about rain coming this way and colder temperatures. icy conditions anywhere in the bay area? >> after today, no. we'll see the air mass moderate. we have another opportunity for rain but the coldest weather is this morning. we're talking 30s but already increasing clouds in the north bay. so from vollmer peak, the can't
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see much, the sun will be up at 6:40 so remember to fall back. this morning, looking at the temperatures, notice we're cool in the north bay. 34 in napa, 36 santa rosa and 38 by the delta. we have temporary frost conditions through 9:00 this morning. by the water, 49 san francisco, 50 at our coast. low 40s out towards concord and livermore valley 38 degrees. a chilly start and we will look at the subfreezing temperatures right on through 9:00. then with those clouds, they're going to keep temperatures a little bit warmer through the later morning hours. then we'll see the numbers stay up because of the cloud cover and cold front which arrives later on tonight. that will spread rain from north to south and we'll look for the system to move on out of here after midnight and by tomorrow morning, it will be chilly again. but we'll see sunshine and
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temperatures will be moderating through the early part of the week. the frost advisory for the north bay, santa rosa, napa and salinas valley. before sunrise, 5:00, 6:00, or 7:00 we'll see temperatures are drop. upper 20s are not out of the question so hopefully you brought in the plants last night. light rain along the northwest coast. that will continue to sink to the south. you can see the clouds advancing ahead of it. so got some of those clouds in the north bay so don't look for a lot of sunshine today. in fact the rain will be arriving in the north bay later on today. notice 11, we're still dry but take a look at se sonoma county, spotty showers, by 3:00, san rafael, san francisco, dry in south bay though. we'll continue to see the afternoon move on through the day today and notice that we've
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got more rain showers. in fact heavier rain san mateo coast, response. san francisco. the front doesn't sweep through until 11:00, 12:00 then overnight, spotty showers. sunshine tomorrow. a pretty nice day sunday but still, snow in the sierra nevada and west slopes, a winter storm warning. elsewhere above 4,000 feet, the snow. 35 in the northern sierra. 45 in big sur. 59 in san ohai. the rain moves in this afternoon. 57 in the sunset district. and the temperatures in a narrow range, upper 50s to near 60. and the warmup comes really after the weekend. you'll notice we bin begin to cr out. temperatures moderate and
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possibly rain next weekend. a tenth to a half inch of rain. >> great advice at the beginning, fall back. set the clocks back an-hour. >> i have to remember. >> you'll miss work tomorrow. fourth ranked stanford will try to avoid a letdown after the victory over osc. the raiders received bad news larry beil has the details. >> good morning. carson palmer has most of the attention but the raider offense will be missing one of the biggest threats. darin mcfadden hurt his foot in the first quarter in the loss to the chiefs. he's not practiced since. he's been in a boot, on crushes. michael bush will start in his place. sebastian is questionable with a nagging hamstring injury. the 49ers go cross-country to take on the redskins and carlos
5:24 am
rogers cannot wait. rogers a former first-round pick by washington failed to impress in six seasons and signed up with the 9ers in the off-season. still upset with the way things went down in d.c. >> things got out of hand. he's dropped in picks. you know, he was looking at all the negative stuff instead of the positives that you brought to the team. >> biggest game in football tonight is lsu number one, at alabama. what's at stake for stanford? they figure to move to number 3 if they take care of their business. cardinals visit organ state. ed thcardinals coming off a trie overtime thriller with organize,
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state. >> oregon state is a tough place to play. a well coached team, defensively they're tough, hardnosed. we know there's no weak spot. >> zach mainer will start at quarterback but he's been shaky. seven interceptions in the last three games, four against ucla in a 31-14 lost. the coach is looking for improvement from maynard. >> sometimes it can be a rout, sometimes protection, sometimes a poor throw. you know, it's not just one thing. so you hope with experience that consistency comes. >> usc as colorado, ralphie's running wild. colorado still looking for their first pac-12 win. tyler hanson 37 yards to
5:26 am
clemens. the trojans were too good. matt parkly floats to to woods. barkley 4 touchdown passes at the half. he finished with a school record 6 i6td throws. we'll have the wrapup after the game tonight around 8:30 p.m. following the oklahoma state-kansas state game. weather was better at harding park yesterday. windo windy but no rain. david frost for birdie. he's in a three-way tie for the lead. allen on 16 from the bunker for eagle and ... not quite there. settles for a birdie and shot 59. mark calcavecchia and this is perfection.
5:27 am
eagle there. 68 for calc. after the celebration wednesday, kelly slater did not win the suffering championship. the association of surferring professionals made a mistake. slater has to win one more heat in san francisco or next week in hawaii to lock up the title. that is embarrassing, especially after he gets carried off the beach as the king. slater himself pointed out the numbers tour officials that they made a mistake. that's a wrap on morning sports. see you at 8:30 tonight for after the game. >> next, a big shakeup at a bay area solar company. the c.e.o. tells abc7 news why his company will not be the next solyndra. >> in sacrament, schools are waiting for the economy to get
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former 60 minutes commentator andy rooney died this morning after complications from a recent surgery. he was 92. rooney spent more than 60 years at cbs. half behind the camera as a writer and producer. he'll be remembered for the essays he delivered on camera each week on "60 minutes" covering the contents of his desk drawer to whether god exists. closing the show every week from 1978 until a month ago. there will be more on his career this morning on "good morning america." he was america's loveable but grumpy uncle.
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check that, moving on, a vet ran of iraq and afghanistan is hospitalized after a clash between occupy protesters and police. kayvan sabeghi is being treated for a ruptured spleen after being beaten by oakland police officers during his arrest. sabeghi was supporting the occupy oakland movement but his sister insists he wasn't one of the troublemakers and was denied medical treatment even after taken to jail. >> if someone is on the floor, unable to walk, vomiting blood, there's little doubt there's something wrong. he has a ruptured spleen. they had no idea what was wrong with him. >> the alameda county sheriff's department says it's, quote, investigating the claim from kayvan sabeghi that he requested and did not receive medical passenger. sabeghi doesn't want to talk publicly. in san francisco today
5:32 am
occupy demonstrators will march from justin her man plaza to wells fargo cual calling for people to transfer money from banks to credit unions. the march begins at 7:00. wells fargo he released a statement saying the company respects the rights of americans to peacefully assemble and they hear and understand the concerns being raised. in sacramento the budget ax may come down on teachers and very little anyone can do unless more revenue appears. automatic cuts will kick in. >> reporter: classrooms across california are on pins and needless. the brown administration will determine if more budget cuts are necessary. tax revenues need to be $4 billion above forecast, anything less will automatically
5:33 am
trigger cuts with schools likely to take the brunt. school services of california has been keeping an eye on the economy to advise school districts. >> the indicators are heading south. we believe if it's a pure economic decisions, the triggers have to be pulled. >> the state account is $700 million below forecast right now with fewer people working and spending less. fourth grade teacher thomas crazier begins to cry. >> it's the important to have the funding, i'm sorry you're im getting emotional but i fought for these students for a long time. >> they were targeted for closure before and the kids don't like the uncertificatety. 2007 was the last year schools got all the funding they were supposed to get. >> a lot of our kids try to do
5:34 am
their best and get good grades and help the teachers. >> public universities and social programs are also on the list. the state insists it's too early to worry. >> there's a lot of critical data we'll get that will have a major impact. >> consider had a similar trigger mechanism been in effect the last two years, more cuts would have been in store because they were billions below forecast. >> california's solar industry is showing signs of distress. david louie with news of a shakeup at san jose's sun power. >> first the bankruptcy of solyndra, now another solar maker hits rough waters trigger
5:35 am
layoffs and exit of two top executives. sun power's c.e.o. thinks a turnaround won't happen overnight. >> we see this as a year, maybe two years, then we see significant demand redemption and growth. >> the slow dawn in sales and low-cost panels from china extended losses past a half billion dollars. sun power, however, has a deep pocket partner, total, a french company that ranks among the top energy companies in the world. they paid $1.3 billion for a 60% stake? sun power? june. the president sees it as a long-term deal. >> he believes in mainstream energy resource in the time frame of 2020, 2030, so he's betting on sun power to be top three if not number one in that time frame. >> sun power also applied for and received a $1.2 billion loan guarantee on the last day of the federal energy program in september. its financing a 250 megawater
5:36 am
solar generation project called the california valley solar ranch. sun power's partner in the project nrg is sole owner of the loan guarantee. given mounting competition and losses the solar industry needs government help says the executive director for energy, policy and finances. >> it has to continue to provide research and develop funding, second, fix, not throw away the loan gary fee program. third, we ought to provide reliable incentives for solar, wind and other clean energy technologies. change on the way weather wise. very different this evening. >> yes, we need some of that sun to warm us up but the clouds invaded the north bay and as a
5:37 am
result, our frost advisories have been canceled. salinas valley near freezing. we are clear, san francisco upper 40s, i'll explain when the rain will get here coming up. >> also, a trip to sierra leone, a west hey guys, what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you caadd some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today.
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welcome back. 5:39 on a saturday morning and
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looking live from the toll plaza at the golden gate bridge. there's a little bit of traffic coming into the city and apparently two lanes of traffic available northbound. something i believe i've noticed, the lens has been cleaned. it gets that mist on there and it looks so shiny clean, i wonder if lisa cleaned it. >> no but sometimes i'm tempted because it makes a beautiful shot when they're nice and clean. we'll have to check when the sun comes up. >> just gave me another job. >> or me. 7:39 is sunrise and it's cloudy in the north bay. that's why our frost advisory has been lifted there. but the salinas valley could see temperatures dropping below freezing. clear elsewhere around the bay so numbers will drop and clouds will thicken everywhere else and
5:41 am
the rain moves in late morning in the north bay. 42 in oakland. 34 in napa but this morning we'll continue to see numbers flirt with the lower 30s in the salinas valley so hopefully the plants and delicate vegetation has been taken care of rain arrives this afternoon. more lucky the evening hours south bay and monterey bay. then the sun comes out tomorrow and temperatures slowly modify through the early part of the week. another opportunity of rain, though, by perhaps wednesday of next week. more likely thursday. here's where we're looking at the numbers to continue to tumble. they'll come down everywhere but here, close to 28 to 32 degrees this morning. we are looking at the clouds i be increasing so that's going to halt temperatures from dropping too much more.
5:42 am
we'll stay in the 40s in some parts of the bay. 30s in the north bay are okay because of the increasing cloud cover. the rain along the northwest coast right now and you'll notice by 11:00 we're dry everywhere but a mostly cloudy sky. by early afternoon, sonoma county, marin county get wet but 3:00, still dry from redwood city through san jose. a light shower through the santa cruz mountains area. the front is still to the north and west and by 8:00, 9:00, rain picks up in san francisco. if you have evening plans into the east bay or santa clara valley you'll need rain gear. by 11:00, 12:00 it sweeps through then the cold, unstable air behind the front. sunshine breaking out through the afternoon tomorrow. should be a nice day but on the cool side. we're talking about this winter storm watch upgraded to a winter
5:43 am
storm warning so snow getting going about -- overnight tonight through early tomorrow with the snow coming down pretty good at 4,000 feet. only in the 30s today in the northern sierras. upper 50s in the north bay. 60 in fremont, 59 in san jose. rain in the north bay, everyone sees it this evening. overnight, scattered showers. we fall back then sun tomorrow. temperatures moderate monday, tuesday, wednesday, maybe another system visiting you guesvisiting us onthursday and y for some on friday. >> there's no rain forecast for election day. >> so far. but that's tuesday, right? we look good on tuesday, sunny. >> thank you very much. in many parts of the world, babies and their mothers are fighting for survival. abc news launched an effort to
5:44 am
help the million moms challenge with a goal of recruiting a million americans to support mothers and children in developing countries. to see the difference aid can make, carolyn johnson journeyed to a country many associate with blood diamonds and war, sierra leone. >> driving into the lush heart of sierra leone is a jarring ride. in many ways, the violent twists mirror the recent decades here. a brutal ten year civil war ended in 2002 but memories still scar the west african nation. >> wednesday, my family run away. >> he was just 8 when kidnapped by rebels to cut off both his arms. >> i believe it was out of sheer wickedness. >> similar atrocities would be repeated, including a systematic rape of hundreds of thousands of
5:45 am
women and girls. >> in this village? >> kenny remembers the day fater overran her village. >> 14 -- 29 dead,. >> when it was all over, many had no home to return to. charred buildings pepper the landscape, especially in diamond rich areas. this used to be a bustling shopping center, where trading took place. when rebels came through they torched the buildings, destroyed businesses, and killed people in the marketplace. you can see the gas station burned out. nearby villagers still hunt for the diamonds that helped fuel the insurgency. nearly .75 of the population survive on $2 a day. meanwhile the government is struggling to rebuild hospitals
5:46 am
and clinics destroyed during the war. malaria kills thousands of children every year with diarrhea and malnutrition. >> 2.5. >> it's a good weight. >> amid suffering and heartache there's a strong sense of hope. humanitarian organizations are training healthcare workers and providing medicine can. one of the largest is world medicine which sponsors children in sierra leone. their donations help fund programs to revitalize entire communities. >> our drinking water is now clean. we have clean care. we have youth groups which are -- >> new schools. >> a new school. >> we're back again in the -- >> the surgeon just returned after training at san francisco general hospital's trauma institute. the unit here is the only one in the country. >> you're full.
5:47 am
>> we're full always. >> while doctors and aid groups work to heal the physical fallout, sierra leone is tackling the psychological scars as well. on a beach in the capital city of freetown, young amputees formed competitive soccer teams. rebuilding projects are under way in both the city and countryside and a decade removed from the violence, a new generation of children greeted us in every village with smiles and shouts of excitement. carolyn johnson reporting. you'll find links to the million moms challenge launched by abc news and partners, including world vision, it's a campaign to connect millions of americans with millions of moms in
5:48 am
developing countries. don't go away, 7 on your side is next. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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cell phone carriers agreed to let you know when you're getting close to going over your minutes and data. it goes into effect next year but you don't have to wait until then to save. here's michael finney to explain. >> if there's one thing mobile
5:51 am
device users fear, it's overages. jeff received a bill that was 50% higher than expected. >> it was very surprising and it was an overage charge for 199 minutes. >> being hit without warning with huge charges is about to be a thing of the past. new federal communications guidelines require cell phone companies to alert customers before and after they incur overage charges. steve is an industry spokesperson. >> wireless providers will send free alerts to help manage uses. >> the new rules roll out next year and it sounds good to angie from angie's list but she says there's more to do than wait for the rules. >> no one looks out for you more than you.
5:52 am
>> she says many waste money not being going over but by buying too much in the first place. >> one of the things people don't often do is evaluate their own usage patterns. and make sure you're in a plan that's the right size. sometimes we're in plans that are too big. >> that can cost you $10 a month. that may not seem like much but it adds up. angie says pick up the phone and ask for a better deal. >> you might see deals on tv that are offering low introductory rates. if you're a great customer, if you call and ask for the retention department, ask for those same deals and a lot of times you'll get those. and if they won't budge, you should move to another carrier. >> coming up next, it was a true gift to the city of san francisco. the new film they're calling sitro baths. can lulu have some beef pasta, too?
5:53 am
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the winning numbers from the $12 million megamillion drawing, 26, 30, 32, 33, 44, and the meganumber, number 1. nobody picked them all. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $15 million. >> sutro, the palace at land's end had a premiere at the theater. a film about a opulent swim center. >> the film recalls the 19t 19th century complex, seven swimming pools, seating for more than 8,000 people, a ice rink, museums, the sutro baths, the largest indoor swimming facility. today, below the cliff house,
5:56 am
ruins eroding, the ocean chewing away at the concrete. >> it's the finest ruins on the west coast if not the united states. >> he did research and wrote the script. sutro baths were a gift from the mayor sutro and everybody came. >> it was only a dime to get in and a quarter to swim. >> many are from blaisdell who ran the gift shop. she has 35,000 lands end pictures. >> i learn something new every day. >> sutros never made money t closed in 1966. a developer wanted to put in condos. >> turning it down was hard. >> there were 100,000 panes of glass and some steal. three months later a fire. >> it was a huge fire and everyone who was anybody came to see it. it was an event. >> no one of ever charged. sutro baths was lost forever.
5:57 am
>> it does stir memories for people who were here. you can relive the experience in the film. there are going to be question and answer sessions after the screening at the balboa and next week, the dvd version will be out. so we remember, but could it ever be rebuilt? >> i would like to think if they built it, they would come. well, they wouldn't come because the concept is so old-fashioned, it's a romantic idea. >> part of a by gone era. >> sutros place through november 10 and the dvd is out november 9. next at 6:00, another iraq war veteran claims police put him in the hospital during the occupy oakland protest and the woman who spearheaded a effort to cripple big banks.
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